Our Story


The Kone Ranger Bros love thrifting. Kone was a Freshman in High School and started experimenting with screen printing T-Shirts. Kevin was drawing in the AP Art program at their high school. 

Kone screen printing in High School

May 2017

Kevin graduates from Carthage College with a degree in History. He immediately jumps into the corporate world. 


Kevin texts Kone out of the blue asking if he would want to start a T-Shirt business together. Kone always dreamed of starting something, but certainly didn't think his older brother would want to start something together. 

March 2019

Kone creates and displays his Senior thesis at the University of Illinois. Kone Ranger upcycled vintage is born. Kone graduates with degree in Photography and a minor in Art History. 

Kones Senior Thesis Presentation

October 6th 2020

Kevin quits his corporate job...they asked where he was going. He said he was starting his own business with his brother. They were bewildered. Sometimes taking a leap is scary, but jumping with your brother makes it easier. 

October 20th 2020

Kone Ranger LLC is officially established out of the Kone Ranger Brothers apartment in Wicker Park, Chicago. People were visibly concerned. Honestly, Kone and Kev were too.


Model Shot circa 2020. 

Early 2021

The Kone Ranger Bros continued focusing on their vision. Working out of their apartment, focus on getting better one day at a time. Who are we kidding, we can't count how many times we laughed, cried, freaked out, argued, persevered and learned. We ultimately never gave up. We screen printed in our living room and had piles of clothes in our bedrooms. 

The boys screen printing in their living room

July 2021

We had our first pop up held out of our back lot. Our first go at in person sales...and it didn't rain!

November 2021

During one of our "morning meetings" drinking coffee in our underwear discussing what we wanted to accomplish that day, Kone barks out, "We have to find a space!!! We have outgrown this apartment and if we are going to do this, Let's frikin do this." .... It was time to find a studio space. Kone and Kevin met with an incredible realtor who suggested a "Pop Up, Makers Space" in West Town. 500 Square feet of not our apartment!!!

December 2021

The Kone Ranger Bros successfully released their first seasonal collection! Winter 2021 dropped right before we moved into our "Pop Up Shop". Hand printed by the both of us. We never had to print as much as we did so that we could have an inventory at our first Shop.

January 1st 2022

We signed a 3 month lease at the "Pop Up Shop" and got to work. We had 8 days to set up a studio/showroom to showcase our collection and upcycled vintage.

January 8th 2022

We opened at 11am on Saturday January 8th at 1821 W Chicago Ave. The Kone Ranger Bros pop up shop goes into full effect. 


March 2022

3 Months comes at ya fast. By the time March rolled around, we weren't going back into our apartment. It was time to find a permanent location. 2903 N. Milwaukee Ave. 

We had a month to install a floor and completely build out our new studio/showroom. Our planned opening date 05.14.22. We nailed it! Saturday May 14th 2022 we opened our doors!

March 2023

We settled into our shop up in Avondale, Chicago. Slowly adding more clothing rack space. In March we decided to curate, plan and throw our First Live Fashion Show. The location? Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club BABY!!!

August 2023

We are settled in to 2903 N. Milwaukee Ave. Stop by! "ONWARD AND UPWARD"-Kone Ranger Bros.